Company Profile


Hudson Mitchell & Sons was founded in 1987 by Ted Hudson and Ed Mitchell. HMS is a now in it\\'s second generation of leadership under Ted\\'s son Tim with a strong support team to include Doug Betts (custom work) & Ken Nguyen (Sales). HMS has become one of British Columbia\\'s top quality wood components suppliers.

HMS Lumber manufactures precision Hemlock wood products and components with stringent quality assurance controls and procedures. Exporting for over ten years into Asia, Europe, and North America, HMS lumber uses computerized operations to manufacture stairway, ladder, door and window components, as well as mouldings and architectural wood products.

The operations performed at HMS include:

  • Kiln drying
  • Finger jointing
  • Moulding & millwork
  • Laminating
  • Ripping and surfacing
  • Cross-cutting
  • Sanding

HMS has also expanded into various custom processing of all species of wood such as:

  • Finger jointing
  • Kiln drying
  • Moulding & millwork
  • Chopping
  • Lamination
  • Engineered wood products

HMS provides start to finish service for it\\'s clients, from stocking inventory to direct container loading. This ensures that clients receive their quality inspected finished products on time.

We are affiliated with the forest Alliance of British Columbia, the Independent Lumber Re-manufacturers Association, the Coast Forest and Lumber Association and the BC Wood specialties group, HMS Lumber strongly supports practices that promote sustainable development in the forest industry and is proud to be a part of the pollution solution.

Our Mission

We at HMS Lumber are committed to meeting our customers requirements. Each of our employees makes a contribution to the products and services that our customers need. It is an integral part of each team member\\'s role to identify the customers\\' requirements and to strive to meet every need of our customers every time. In order to achieve this level of partnering with our customers, we must recognize the importance of defining our customers requirements, interpreting these needs into specific action plans and communicating those needs to the team members that are providing the products or services.

In order to fully understand the importance of the customer as part of our organization it is necessary to define what or who a customer is.

  • A customer is a person or company that receives the output of our efforts.
  • A customer is the most important person in our business
  • A customer\\'s presence or requirements are not a burden or an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of our work.
  • All customer\\'s are partners in our business. They also have the choice with whom they interact and conduct business.
  • It is the responsibility of every team member at HMS to develop and maintain relationships with all our customer\\'s that are of mutual benefit.

If you can dream it, we can do it. We are here to meet and beat your expectations for quality and service.

Tim Hudson, President of HMS Lumber