Product Lines

The product line at HMS Lumber is a very dynamic line that is always evolving. We produce finished products such as handrails and ladder components, but we can also produce the blanks for these products.

Door Stock


HMS Lumber door line consists of:

  • Frames
  • Styles
  • Rails
  • Laminated rails
  • Raised panels

Our door line consists of both the custom door parts ready for assembly as well as the blanks that require further milling, which are described in more detail below.

Stiles & Muntins
These are the vertical portions of the door.
The rail is the horizontal portion found on the door. Theses are typically single pieces of wood for the top three rows, however the bottom rails are often edge laminated for aesthetic reasons.
Raised Panels
The panels are made to design, which are usually made with a grooved edge to give a more textured look.

Stair Components


The stair line consists of handrail, shoerail, treads, risers, newel posts, turning squares, and fillet. Within this line HMS Lumber has developed an extensive depth of products which is customized to meet the customers needs.

HMS Lumber produces the highest quality Stair parts that are sold around the world, including USA, Japan and Germany where quality is critical. We produce a wide variety of hand rails and shoe rails, including our own engineered handrail. HMS also produces a wide variety of turning squares, newel posts, treads, risers, and fillets.

If you are searching for the latest trends in stair construction or a look that you can\\'t find anywhere else, we can help. The state of the art precision machinery at HMS will ensure that you get exactly what you want.


Industrial Clears


Our product comes from the best quality wood in the world grown in British Columbia, Canada. Because Hemlock is a slow growth tree the grain is very fine, which when processed gives a beautiful white look that no other softwood can offer.

At HMS Lumber we realize the value of this type of wood and have developed a very strict grading system that ranks us in the top ten percent of the industry.

Our industrial clears are available in many sizes and are all kiln dried and S4S\\'d to customer specifications. They are available in many lengths. We also produce finger joint blocks.


Custom Mill Work

Our custom mill work is a true measure HMS\\'s ability to meet the needs of our customers. We are here to produce exactly what you want. We produce specialty mouldings for furniture, offices, kitchens, and Japanese components such as Kamoi, and Oshiire.

Milling Process


A pattern is first drawn, then a metal composite is shaped and filed by hand until a template is produced, which is then used as a guide for our profile grinder. This process is similar to cutting a key. This process is done for everything that is produced on the Weinig.


A finished specialty moulding pattern transformed from paper to steel ready to be ground.


Finally, the Weinig\\'s six heads are ground to size and the machine is set up to produce a custom pattern.


These are some other designs we have done in the past.