Plant Profile


HMS is located at 12975 76th Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia. We are situated on approximately 3.2 acres of paved land, of which 36,000 is covered shed space. We also have a container loading dock and five dehumidifying kilns which turn over one million board feet of lumber each month.


GreCon 2004


The GreCon is a wood optimizing cross cut saw. Wood is graded by our wood technicians and is scanned by two cameras. Our production staff programs the machines computer, which then maximizes yield as the saw cuts the wood. We receive maximum value as well as maximum recovery for all the material that is processed at the machine. This allows us through technology to remain competitive in the market.




The Weinig is a top of the line moulder. It has six heads that facilitate the flexibility to profile and mould some of the most intricate patterns in the business today. The Weinig\\'s other capabilities aside from from moulding and profiling include multi-ripping and S4S planing. The Weinig\\'s top speed is sixty meters per minute or one hundred and eighty feet per minute.

The Weinig facilitates the wide range of products produced at HMS, but the knowledge and years of hands on experience is how HMS uniquely defines itself as an industry leader in specialty products.


Weinig Rondamat 960 Profile Grinder


Our technician produces a precision template that he designs from a blueprint that is provided by our customers. He then places this template in the Rondamat which allows him to grind a precise pattern into the moulding knife.

To see this process in more detail check out the Custom Milling page


Clamp Carrier


Our Doucet clamp carrier uses the cold press method for gluing wood products together. This has been proven by many testing bodies to provide the best bond possible for laminated products.


CAT Handling Equipment


Dehumidifying Dry Kilns